An integrated Islamic app that includes many religious characteristics in the life of a Muslim.

Ramadan Features:
El Khatma, to save and read the Quran.
Eftar cannon Remainder.
Sohur cannon Remainder.

Main Prayer Features:
Show the Prayer Timings and auto-update it.
Alerts before the Prayer Timings.
Set the Qiblah direction accurately and easily.
Possibility to hear Quran voices of many readers.

Other Prayer Features:
Display Prayer Timings and alerts in widgets.
Explain the prayer and display the steps of ablutions and clarify them with pictures.
Silent mode during the Prayer Timings.
Close the Azan voice when the phone is turned on the screen.
Identify prayer timings in all countries of the world.
Methods of calculating the time according to the doctrines with the addition of the Hanafi doctrine of the Asr prayer.

Quran and Azkar Features:
Identify and remind the daily part reading of the Quran.
Set the phone screen reminder.
Supplied with a variety of Islamic Azkar.
Possibility to read the Quran and hear it with many reader’s voices.

What’s New
١ – تحديث الشاشة الرئيسيه
٢ – اضافه المجموعه الرمضانيه
٣ – اضافه و تحسين منبه الفجر
٤ – اصلاح عدم تفعيل خدمه الكروت
٥ – اصلاح الامساكيه و خدمه صائمون
٦- تحسين منبه الفجر



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