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2 Jun 2020

Photo Editor & Perfect Selfie v9.8 [Premium] APK [Latest]

FACE EDITOR SPECIFIC FEATURES FOR PORTRAITS & SELFIES Face Makeover like a pro:Lipstick & Makeup – Add color to your lips and apply any shade of powderReshape – Perfect smile, Raise cheekbones, Enlarge eyes, Reshape noseClone –
2 Jun 2020

Citra emulator v1e9711154 beta 5 [Premium] APK [Latest]

Citra is a Nintendo 3DS emulator for Android, enabling you to play your favorite 3DS games on your phone! Features include: – Compatibility with hundreds of Nintendo 3DS games– Enhanced graphics, such as resolution scaling and texture
2 Jun 2020

PPSSPP – PSP emulator v1.9.4 build 20200530 [Mod] APK [Latest]

Play PSP games on your Android device, in high definition with additional features! PPSSPP is the best, original and only PSP emulator for Android. It runs a lot of games, but depending on the power of your
2 Jun 2020

Android Hidden Settings v1.7.1 [Mod] APK [Latest]

Android Hidden Settings allows you to open certain android settings, which some phone vendors hide from the user.App uses knowledge about android system that is not documented, so not all settings will work on your phone. Hidden
2 Jun 2020

KillProcess 4.3 [Latest] Crack

KillProcess – is a Windows Utility used to kill any process, including services, running on Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10. Use the Kill Features with caution as you can kill critical processes for your computer
2 Jun 2020

Nebulosity 4.4.2 Multilingual [Latest] Crack

Nebulosity – is designed to be a powerful, but simple to use capture and processing application for Windows (7/8/10 32/64 bit). A huge array of cameras are supported for capture (see below) and images from just about
2 Jun 2020

YAZIO Calorie Counter, Nutrition Diary & Diet Plan v6.8.11 [Pro Mod] SAP APK [Latest]

With the free Calorie Counter app by YAZIO, you can manage your daily food diary, track your activities and lose weight successfully. Counting calories and losing weight has never been so easy! More than 6 million people
2 Jun 2020

Advanced PC Cleanup [Latest] Crack

Advanced PC Cleanup – Get rid of redundant apps and files from your computer in a few clicks. Safeguards your computer from potential malware threats and removes the personal information saved online. Disable startup items and uninstall
19 May 2020

DroidCamX Wireless Webcam Pro v6.7.6 [Patched] APK [Latest]

Use your phone as a webcam on your PC over WiFi, USB or Bluetooth. You can also use DroidCamX as an “IP/Surveillance Camera” via your Internet browser virtually on all networks DroidCamX turns your Android device into
18 May 2020

Flip Image – Mirror Image (Rotate Images) v4.2.7 [Mod] SAP APK [Latest]

With this app , you can flip(mirror) an image vertically or horizontally. In many phones, when you take a selfie using your default camera, the picture come without mirroring and you may not have any option in